Live in the Moment – Observations of an 8-year-old

We live in a time that is so stressful people have become obsessed with calming their mind and living a better life. It’s everywhere: be mindful, take things as they come, don’t hang onto baggage, don’t see yourself as limited, etc. etc. etc.  I do my best to follow these tenents, I meditate when I remember, take yoga, go to a jimjilbang, all of it.  However, I will never reach the level of my daughter. (named Hanna for privacy)

It’s been an interesting life for Hanna.  Born deaf & later found to have dysphasia, she cannot communicate well, by voice, cue, sign, there is some part of her brain that is not letting it come together.  

How would your life be different without language?

She has also tested with a superior IQ, which is how I think she’s gotten by as much as she has. However, it brings with it some very complex thoughts that she cannot get across.  Hanna can only hope that we can figure out her drawing, words, gestures, etc.  Those methods only get so much information across and she just has to let it go. 
She also has some great face & body language reading skills, which helps as well.

Sometimes it’s hard, we know that Hanna is a pretty frustrated little girl, but she doesn’t show it too often.  The only time I’ve seen her react with true sadness is if peers reject her and she’s allowed, kids are mean if you don’t understand their weird playground rules.   (insert moment of Mom anger here)

Hanna lives in the moment.  If we break something of hers, she accepts the sorry and it’s not mentioned again.  If we deny her something she wants or we anger her, she’s over it within a few hours and definitely by bedtime.  Every new place is treated with an explorer’s mind.  As long as she sees that we’re trying, she accepts that it is what it is and she moves on.   

She is someone I look up to, especially after the last few years of being disabled as well.  The fact that she can let it all go and move onto the next thing is wonderful to me and a skill I wish to possess.   Thankfully I have someone in my home that is a living breathing example. (that I have to go pick up now, end of post)

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