Life as a Mutt

I used to call myself ‘worldly,’ but in truth, I am a mutt.  That is how I describe myself to those who ask my nationalities.  I’m English, Welsh, French, Dutch, German, Alsatian, Armenian, and Italian.  This means I have no real traditions to stick to besides the ones we choose to do based on preference, not a requirement.   No large family and we’re all over the US, no collection of people simply because we are the Nationality’s community, no church really either.  I thought it was funny as I grew up, it did not hit my radar.  However, since having my break, I have more than a few moments of mourning that I don’t have a culture to rest in.

When I was younger, I didn’t have many friends, but I did find communities to be a part of.  Horse-back Riding is one in particular that brings people together.  In the stables everyone is grooming together, it’s easy to mask some of the cattiness.  I was a part of that stable.  Along with that were the school Volleyball team and the boarding school itself.  These provided groups of people that you could rely on, related to, and were a part of.

Imagination Network Home Page

I gamed when able throughout high school, mostly Diablo.   Even before that, 8 years old in Imagination Network and texting rooms in as well Compuserve.   There wasn’t a lot of pervy people to my memory.  I always had a community there, this game or another, forums, Dragonrealms & AIM holding it all together.  We were a ton of people who finally got to say what they wanted.  It was very polite in the early years.  Less so now.  I feel you get to know someone far more in that setting of openness than in a pub or party.  It’s actually how I met my husband of 10 years.

Crobar   My home for 2 years

My college years were filled with communities, the theater department, whole groups of people with different specialties to put on a show, and the dorms.  Later came non-academic groups, one of which I got to teach amateur swing dancing with a group of friends.  These were some of the absolute happiest years in my life.  Until I switched schools and found a clubbing group, not the wisest decision, but it fell apart when I stopped going out all the time.  I still have a few in the haven’t seen you but we talking category.  Miles & I were mid-twenties when we met, and we ran a 150+ guild for a few years, definite community, I was the leader.   That helped my career as well.

We were married when I was 29, leading right into the 30s with a new baby girl, moving to the suburbs, only knowing one neighbor that I practically lived at their house since our daughters got along so well.  LaterI had a book club that I did like, but had a hard time attending.  I haven’t been able to since the break, but they’re all friendly when they see me

Talking to others is getting better as my lithium is increased, as is the staying up late. I’m sticking with people I know ‘get it’ a few of them make their way here about once a year, which is always nice.   I don’t have a community yet, and I don’t feel as connected to the world around me.  What I do have is my beginning little communities.  My yoga studio, Jimjilbang, sort of book club, in social media, and I hope to have some more time for games later to round it out.  The Mutt’s Community.

It doesn’t matter what group you belong to.  It matters who you are as a person., Yaga, RADIANT!

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