Ouch, Warmth, Surprise!


Today was a highly unusual day for me. To begin, Hannah waited until 7:30am to get us out of bed, a record. Moving on to breakfast, I was trying to cut my beloved bagel like Einstein’s does for thintastic, when I had a brain glitch and used the knife like an idiot Hello flap of skin & urgent care. So of course on the way there my husband is talking about me wearing cut proof gloves. I have cut my fingers twice using knives, both cutting a bagel, about 25 years apart. We got there, they glued everything back together and I was on my way. Lots of endorphins for the next part of my day.

Then I was fine, truly fine, for the first time in years, with my family. My immediate family was in our home for hours, and I felt nothing terrible or stressed. I spoke with my mother for more than 5 minutes. I didn’t have a massive emotional reaction to her overstepping with Hannah. Granted it was a minor overstep, but something I would usually have an adverse reaction to, but no tears, no anger, no anything expect an internal rolling of the eyes. This continued through our joining the rest of the family. My Grandmother in law was her usual fake self, my Grandfather was in good spirits, and everyone was everywhere. Usually, I would be hiding in the man cave or with the kids, but I had no issues conversing with people or just hanging out together. I felt no stress, and it was brilliant! I didn’t even think of all this until after everyone was home and I was laying in bed with Hannah to help her sleep after such a big day. I am incredibly happy with all of this and proud of myself for getting to this place, therapized and on therapeutic lithium as of 2 days ago, finally.

My Cookies

The topper came from an unexpected source. A family friend of my Grandfather usually comes to Christmas, so I made her a box of cookies as well (thanks Mom for saying I was missing one). About 15 minutes after I handed them out I was to her area of the room as I made my way out of school I hadn’t realized it all these years (note man cave), but she was the person that he was always talking about. She asked if I could bake them for her. Thinking about how I was going to have a lot of extra baked things in the coming months I asked her for her address since she lived nearby and told her I would drop off baked goods regularly. I want to bake, not eat. The next thing I know she’s offering me a regular order to make my cookies for her restaurant! One of my Grandfather’s favorite restaurants. Someone wants to pay me for cookies!

I have baked before as a catering deal, something I could do from my house. I mostly baked cakes & cupcakes for parties or office deals. Now someone has offered me a standing order for cookies. Every single day… Money!!

I have so many questions to research before I can respond. The most important ones: Ingredient’s cost, I use really good ones when baking for those close to me, and that’s the kind she liked. Kitchen: Is it legal to do large orders from home in my state? That would be a deal breaker. Will I have the time to bake however many cookies she wants in a day? Do I want to bake for money and not fun?

These are things to figure out, but my day ended wonderfully with the perfect compliment on my baking. I am happy all around.

Today’s Baking Tips!
In order to keep my cookies the same size & individual I do a couple of things: First to use an ice cream scoop. Mine doesn’t work on ice cream, but the dough look like scoops if you don’t roll them. Second, space the cookies evenly.

You don’t have to use a Macaron Silpat, but it can help! I didn’t realize this until yesterday when I received a pre-printed one. I love this thing.

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