Charmy Makes Plans

Meet Charmy of the Black Bulls, a valiant warrior of purely noble motivations. Food and well, food. Everywhere she goes there must be food and lots of it, preferably with her name on it. She also has the added benefit of sheep that cook for her and enough usage of magic power & transformation to make all those calories disappear.  Ah to be Charmy.

Munchy Munchy

Meet me, all day today. This is the 2nd in 3 of preparing for a return to healthy eating. The general plan is to eat to great excess, having every food that I believe I will miss during my time planned eating. Judging from the couple times I’ve done this in the past there are a few expected outcomes.

  • #1 Between bloat & weight I’ll be much higher in weight than usual. This means that the initial weight drop will be nice and big, perfect for motivation. We’ll just forget I only had it for a day or two.
  • #2 I will get nauseated, bloated, gassy, and quite uncomfortable. These will last longer than the memories of taste.
  • #3 There will be a sense of completion to my time of holiday eating.
  • #4 I will enjoy myself greatly. (complete)

This may not work for everyone and I don’t recommend it for those new to the game, but I have found success in its use. It’s effective in part due to my experience giving the confidence that can stick to my eating plan. I’ve done it before, I’ve restarted before.

So now comes the time during which I plan how I am going to set my new rules for eating.

High Fat, High Protein!! Yay!!
  • A ,om of 2,100cal/day
  • Approx 50% fat
  • <20g sugar/day and no other sweeteners except unrefined stevia.
  • only sprouted grains,
  • Up to 1 fruit a day.

This type of diet isn’t new or original by any means. Ideas & restrictions are taken from a variety of sources, even far back in history. Such as William Banting of the Victorian era; corpulent undertaker who promoted a high protein diet for himself and took pains to pay for a release of an article to help others that has been brought into the modern day as well.

Since then I started medications that made it all quite complicated. One makes me find all but one food or two foods disgusting, and the food type would rotate. Another reduced the disgust and added in carb cravings, the bastard. Even another makes me easily motion sick. Before any of it though, I’ve shared with my chiro, and I called ‘stuffed sick.’ She and I have an issue where if we feel full or bloated we get instantly sick and run. The Vomitoriums of old did make some sense.

Aside from the physical aspects come the mental. I must keep a healthy mindset as I continue. Once I start thinking of deprivation I can quickly swing into, “you don’t deserve food” and “Food is evil trying to make you fat,” and then I start thinking in very critical words about myself.

Finally, we reach life interference. I have other goals in life, exercising a few times a week on top of physical therapy, start developing my body for yoga (Yoga Goals!) instead of just taking classes, and to further my skills in cooking & baking. Aside from the post workout protein smoothie, the only real issue is baking with cooking in 2nd place. Cooking I can focus on foods that meet my rules, but baking does not have that on offer, except for recipes made to match. While it’s fun to come up with the recipes, it can be a kick off to ‘all the foods!’

Charmy’s Rules 2019: All of the original rules with some exceptions.

  • If I bake I can eat enough to ensure flavor to be immediately followed with giving the goods to someone else. I have a few places that have requested to be on the list.
  • If it is a special occasion, something I only do once a year or so, then rules are relaxed because theatres & the like do not offer healthy options.
  • If I dip into an ED black hole, cannot eat within rules with a bad round of side effects., or start entering an episode that’s being exacerbated by the rules, I take a break.

This should be doable. Fingers crossed.

Consumer articles with references or life experience.

Yea, you need to watch Black Clover it’s a lot of fun & v. good.

Odd End Notes: There’s a temple in Thailand dedicated to helping people through addicting, largely in part through vomiting.

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