Happy Vices Day

I am out of it. oi. Today is the day of bliss, discomfort, and a general sense of Yay! happy to be aliveness. I can’t think of another day where I feel a selfish happy where I can do whatever I please within my rights, like eating 2 bite brownies or a couple donuts from the magical place 15min away. Step 1. Go get donuts. That failed, I got there only to find they were closed today & tomorrow. Ah, next year special donut place, next year, next year.

Today is the day where I played with the notion that I can be just as confident with or without rolls. I gave it a shot and simply talked to people, there was no difference. Over the course of weeks, I let my body get a bit larger, quite a bit larger to be truthful, I’ve already gained 10 lbs, it will probably be up to 13 or 15 to this morning. I am hoping for the weight gain, the increased discomfort is well worth it for so many lessons around body composition, something beyond a number and into how you feel & look.

So far I have, How is my clothing fitting? or Can I see a sign of fitness like an 11 or 6 pack? Even, How have I felt? More than Numbers

I remember a long time ago there was a 3d scanner in the mall; they would scan your body, run the data through their software, and print out a list of which brands, the sizes & models of the clothes that would best work with your body type. You know what I saw? Many different sizes from 10-16 each one with different measurement criteria for each piece of my body. Each clothing line has their own system, but there should be a few limits in how far the deviation goes.

Why have they not kept this up? This was so wonderful & easy. I could order with the advice and come away with some pretty well fitting clothing. However, this was ages ago and none of the advice applies. Please, someone, make this be real now!

Actually it looks like they’re on their way.

The best of the years, the year of the Pig!!!!

Happy New Year!!

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