Reverse March – Look Away from the Jelly

You hear it every supernatural story. The inductee is changed and all the sudden something they would have previously despised is now the most beautiful wonderful thing in the world be it blood or raw meat who knows? Still twitching? This rings pretty true for changing diet plans as well, only in reverse. You still get the physical discomfort of transition, but it comes along with along and the palette change not being quite so abrupt nor delightful.

This was sushi day a couple years back. Hoping that the delectable food on the edge of being allowable would satisfy my need! On sushi day something happened, my perception of foods changed. Desserts that used to be yummy became, far too sweet, candy, an instant headache. By the same note, desserts that previously had a bland taste and weren’t sweet enough for you, now are rich and textured, you can really taste the flavor without sugar covering it up. Tip: American Buttercream is the last thing you want to eat.

Once you’re through it, through the cravings, peeing in the middle of every single night as you lose water weight, through the feelings of jealousy of your kid as you make her a cookie. Breathe in. Breathe out. nommy nommy Cookies and… jelly? Brownie cookies with jelly. I would say that no, my palate has not reversed yet. This is something I’m concerned about for the coming weeks, if. What if it will never turn around help me to the where I do not crave these things anymore?

I do have a rule that offers a free day with loosened restrictions or 1 free meal of anything you want. Not eating into the night or entirely off the rails. No one wants to start over from the beginning. But definitely enjoying the date. Now here’s the thing. Do I do this and risk losing control? Probably not. Am I going to gain all the weight right back? Yea, that’s likely, there’s a lot of water still stored in my body still.

On the other hand. By denying myself do I risk making future cravings worse? I’ve already gone through a few waves of sugar detox. Is this something that I want to do again? My logical brain realizes that the cravings will get worse, no matter when they start, that week will happen because that’s the one that matters. The day you’re on the bathroom floor is usually the last of it in my experience. Logical Brain would like to note that I just finished increasing meds and am still dealing with that, perhaps a few weeks with off days as I accustom myself.

Tomorrow, Fridays, are my day of choice, I just typed, “so I will have to make my decision in the morning” and kicked myself. This is precisely the sort of thing that people keep commenting on, that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself or push myself to a fault. I’m not sure if it will be a meal, a snack, or a day, but I’ll likely be back tomorrow enraptured with the glory of sugar!

Current Weight Track: 183.9, -1.5lbs

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