Baking, Geeking Out, Vibrating

Brownies MUST be cooled all the way or their tops may pop off, well, I took them off.

Rapid Cycling has my back! Yep, I was definitely depressed earlier in the week, but it’s gone! I am now an electrified doll on cocaine. A blazing sign that says it’s time to bake with the anticipation that we would be watching Season 2 of Future Man. I finally had the chance to bake, test out a recipe idea and, while it’s headed to the bin, I had a lovely hour of peace, all for my brownies of yuck. Yep, I definitely miscalculated the amount of cinnamon and what came out looked yummy and tasted burnt. All is good, and I’ll let you have the recipe when I’m done.

This has happened before, any time you make or change a recipe you need to prepare yourself for failure. Failure is one of the most important things in your life. You can see it in successful profiles all over the internet, TED Talks, a plethora of quotes, & even a Disney Movie called “Meet the Robinsons“, which you must steam now. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of attempts at a new frosting, cake, cookie, and now brownies all in the deep depths of the garbage bag, a place a rest without digestion. I’m sure they’re highly disappointed

After Hannah was off with her buddy and my brownies were done, the next true joy came into my life, Future Man!!! It was so good to sit down for a few hours and do nothing but watch it, fidget, and get up repeatedly. Laundry people. In truth, we spent about 90% of the time just watching, calling what we think is going to happen, and enjoying a show that was made for people like us. It can get crude sometimes, but it nearly always hits a point of funny. As you learn in Season 1, the people from the dystopian future don’t see sex as a form of love, rat-holes (mouths) are considered to be the most disgusting thing to put on another person. Instead of love or procreation, they use sex to charge up and you see them doing it in random places to gear up for battle, a video is at the end of this post. Many of the jokes are of that nature and I love it. Especially when Wolf says every move or weapon before it’s used.

I’m not what some people consider a typical female and I say of course not. I started gaming at about 6-7, watching Star Trek with my Mom and countless movies with my Dad, either fighting or sci-fi. At the beginning of online games, adults had no filter really, but there was more respect. Now, there’s not so much general respect and I don’t really care, up to a point. While I may not like Star Wars or Studio Ghibli so much, I am proud of my geekery accomplishments. Just in gaming I lead a top 3 raiding guild for a couple years with over a hundred members, run covert RPG missions, and played in the world of no filter, coarse humor, and a lot of drama. over raid spots. All my friends irl and out here are male, so despite my all-girls school history, female influence has not been much of my adulthood. My mind doesn’t work that way. One thing about having a daughter with hearing loss? You don’t develop a filter from child feedback.

Today was difficult with the whole nervous system crackling, but I enjoyed all of it, including making this convoluted post.

Baking Tips:

Ice packs, especially 8-hour types serve a variety of purposes. Need your melted butter cooled? There you go. Swiss Meringue Buttercream trips to the fridge making you sad? Here you go! Towels for the big mixer and saran wrap for the little.

Vanilla Extract can leave an residual alcohol taste in some recipes, particularly the ones where it isn’t baked. If it’s a frosting, a drink, or other decoration, go for the paste. It contains vanilla beans so you can look fancy and I taste less alcohol with a smidgen of sugar.

If recipes say to combine, they mean it. The right side isn’t perfect yet, but you can see how the granules are blending, whereas the left side with a sizeable chunk of brown sugar and no real mixing yet. It would be easy to turn the spoon a couple times and let it go, but you don’t want chunks or weird ingredient spots now do you?

Funny Hallucination Story: I went into our room to get something with music going in my headset. I heard my husband’s voice under the music and assumed hallucination. I turned around to look for the empty room, but he was there behind his side of the bed and he scared the crap out of me. Too bad there wasn’t a camera, I would have loved to see how hi I jumped.

Mature Audiences, The Charge Up Video:

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